Where is the event?

BabeFest will be held in Langhorne, PA! Exact location and directions will be disclosed to all ticket purchasers prior to the event.

Who is BabeFest for?

BabeFest is for anyone who identifies as womxn or femme. BabeFest is an inclusive, welcoming, and loving space to celebrate your womxnhood, in whatever way resonates with you! The event is a safe space for womxn of all shapes, sizes, colors, and orientations. There will be zero tolerance for hate in any form!

My friends aren’t available, should I still come?

YES! Lots of folks came by themselves last time, and still had a blast! We will have lots of activities to keep you occupied and help you to socialize (to whatever degree you are comfortable!), or you are more than welcome to roll out a beach towel, lay in the grass and enjoy some snacks and a good book if your heart desires! BabeFest is a safe space to come and be YOU with no judgement – do what makes your heart happy, and maybe even make some new friends in the process!!

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel like the creamy delicious milkshake that you are!! Some womxn wear swimsuits, others wear sundresses, other wear overalls – wear whatever makes you feel a) comfortable, b) water activity friendly if you plan to participate, c) fly as hell!

What should I bring with me to the event?

We recommend bringing the following: A reusable water bottle, sunscreen, a towel to lay on and/or dry off if you participate in any water activities, bug spray (if you need it!), a plain white t-shirt (we will have a t-shirt making station! – alternatively you bring a light colored tote bag!), an open heart and all of your amazing, badass energy!

When will tickets be on sale until?

Ticket sales will end on July 31, or until they sell out! We do have a limit on how many tickets we will be selling, so if you definitely want to be there, be sure to purchase your ticket ASAP!