We Are Quarter Moon Co.


It sure freakin is. After a full year of working our butts off, we are saying bye bye to Michele Suits Photography, because now.....
And we are ready to make some damn magic.

Let's dive right in, shall we? For starters. The meaning behind the name.

Visibly, the Quarter Moon is when the moon is half illuminated by the sun, and half enshrouded in darkness. Though we can only see half of it at first glance, there's a whole other half beyond the light of the sun. 

Astrologically, the Quarter Moon is in a state of in-between. It's a time of growth and change -- of both chaos and balance. During the First Quarter, we are challenged and tested, and during the Last Quarter, our perseverance pays off, and we are given clarity and release. 

 Like the Quarter Moon, women are multi-dimensional. There's way more to us than what you see at first glance, and so much of our depth is left out of the light (in our home life, and in society in general). Also like the Quarter Moon, women are often in a state of balance, between one phase and the next, between life roles, and between other people's expectations of us. We, like the moon, are full of magic. We harness the beauty in our own chaos, and we light up everything around us, even if you can't see all of our amazingness all at once.

At Quarter Moon Co., we strive to celebrate the multi-dimensional qualities of women, find beauty and balance in the chaos, and illuminate women of all different sizes, shapes, colors, and walks of life. Our work is a balance of bright, quirky, light-hearted images, and deep, reflective, powerful imagery. 

Oh damn, that felt GOOD. Now, a little more about what we do.....
Quarter Moon Co. offers Empowering Visuals for Brands + Life.
Our mission is supporting women-focused brands (specifically, brands who offer a stellar product, celebrate all kinds of women, and who make an effort to give back), by helping them create imagery that is both inspiring and relatable to their audiences.
We also document other important aspects of a woman's life, through family sessions, women's portraiture, and wedding photography.

So, with all that said, thank you so much for your support, and for joining us on this crazy ride.
Now let's do this thing!