Getting your Brand Imagery Ready for Holiday 2018 + New Year 2019!


It’s that time of year. The time where you just want to enjoy Halloween — wearing an adult onesie and eating 20+ Reeses cups in one sitting — but just as you’re unwrapping that 2nd or 3rd Reeses, you hear it…… Christmas music. What monster would do that?! Welcome to America, friends — home of the holiday thieves of joy. We’re always thinking 1 step ahead, instead of enjoying the present moment.


Before we start, let us just say, WE FULLY SUPPORT YOUR REESES MISSION. You go Glen Coco. Don’t you ever give up on your peanutbuttery dreams.

But, the monstrously early Christmas music isn’t entirely wrong in reminding us that the Holidays and the New Year are coming in hot, and if you’re a small business owner, you likely need to be prepping for that in some way! Of course the obvious things come to mind, like stocking up inventory, preparing your service offerings for 2019, etc….. but, um, aren’t you forgetting something? OH YEAH, THE IMAGES YOU’RE GOING TO USE TO PROMOTE THOSE THINGS. Quite possibly the most important piece of the puzzle — since, if no one knows what you’re offering, they won’t exactly be knocking down your door to get it!

Not only is it one of the most important times of the year to have awesome imagery, but it is one of the hardest times of the year to cut through the clutter on social media and pretty much anywhere on the internet — which means having stellar visuals is essentially the most important it’s ever been. No pressure, or anything. (Is this giving you the sweats? Cut to the chase and get yourself some fresh content fast by clicking here).

But before you go beating yourself up over the truth bomb we just dropped — know you are NOT alone. Time and time again, we get emails from frantic boss babes, around mid-November, that go something like this….. “holy shit, the holidays snuck up on me, and I NEED FRESH CONTENT PRONTO, pleaseeeee help!”, or “my brand has grown so much over the past year and I DESPERATELY NEED SOME NEW SHOTS OF ME to kick off the new year, my old photos are just not me anymore!!” — girl, we hear you! This year, we thought ahead a bit and sectioned off some time in our calendars specifically for you ladybabes!

Not only did we section off some time, but we made a special limited-time-only Brand Imagery package, perfect for getting you exactly what you need, FAST, and within budget!
* cue happy dance *

Are we speaking your language? If so, let’s do this thang.
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Check out a few samples of some of our recent in-studio work below!

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