New Year Intention Setting


The New Year tends to come with a lot of expectation. In our society, it’s pretty common to shove all of our necessities to the back burner, especially the less fun ones (I’m looking at you, dirty ass refrigerator that I’ve been vowing to clean for the past 5 months), with the justification that you’ll do better next year.

In years past, we’ve set resolutions with the New Year, which in theory is all fine and good, but in reality is a bit counter productive. How many resolutions have you kept? Personally, my resolutions tend to fizzle out somewhere around mid February (oops), and the second I slip up the tiniest bit, I call it quits, because I broke the resolution, so why bother?

Well, another year older, another year wiser — and to be honest, I have decided that I don’t really need to intentionally make a decision that results in me later being disappointed in myself. So now, I take a different approach and start the year with some intentions.

What is the difference between a resolution and an intention, you ask? The main difference is the expectation. Setting an intention is vague, and it takes away the pressure to perfectly uphold a resolution. Sure, you may stray from an intention, but you can get right back on the intention wagon with no shame. The second you break a resolution, most of us just kind of give up and call it quits (until the next year, when we set another resolution). Less pressure, less disappointment, more progress. #winning

So now the tricky part — figuring out where to begin with setting your New Year intentions. Setting an intention for a full year when you have no idea what the year will bring seems a bit daunting, amiright?! We gotchu, mama pajama — we put together some super easy intention setting templates to get your wheels turning and help you get in the groove to set your 2019 intentions!

You can even save the below photos, and post them in your instagram stories to share your intentions with your friends if you want some help with accountability! (tag us @quartermoonco, we’d love to see your intentions!)


So, even if you don’t want to totally fill in these templates, maybe they can help kickstart your thought process about what your intentions are for the new year, and help you manifest your most magical year yet!

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