Our Top 5 Fav Honeybook Features


Hey there friends! We’re here to share with you a few of our favorite Honeybook features (with a little help from our spirit animal, David Rose).

As you may have already gathered from some of our previous posts, I am a sucker for organization. Organization takes me to my happy place. I love dry-erase calendars, post-its, and daily organizers almost as much as I love Auntie Anne’s cinnamon pretzels.

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So, needless to say, I bring that same passion to our business – we keep our processes clean, our files organized, and our inbox in order. It’s the only way to manage multiple projects at a time, with multiple team-members, without losing our minds!

Previously, we used 17hats for our project management – which was….. ok, at best. It got the job done, but had some hiccups that came along with it, as well as some really outdated vibes that I could live without (don’t get me started). For the sake of organization and efficiency, we hung in there and learned enough work-arounds to make it work. Not ideal, but better than nothing, right?

Well, alas, the clouds opened up, light beamed down, angels flew, Beyonce sang, and Honeybook found its way to us. They saw that we’ve been mentoring, consulting, and offering education to other like-minded creatives, and challenged us to team up with them, learn some more about what they’ve got going on, and make the switch to Honeybook.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical. I had a system in place (albeit an ass-backwards system, but a system nonetheless), why the heck would I change? Do I seem like someone who likes change? …..Because, newsflash, I’m not. In fact, I despise change – it makes me hostile. And sweaty.


But the more I browsed their clean, beautifully laid out site, the more my curiosity peaked. Was I missing out on something? Maybe the grass WAS actually greener on the other side….. Well, long story short, it was. It’s green and beautiful and the sun is shining and birds are chirping.

We’ve shared a little bit about this process on our social media, but we wanted to go a little bit more in depth in telling you a few of our favorite features of Honeybook, that made it worth the switch over from 17hats!

1) Appearance
This one’s pretty obvious, but just take a look at Honeybook. Soak that up for a second. It’s really, REALLY sexy. It’s clean, easy on the eyes, and gives you a look that is seriously legit (and will give your clients confidence in your services from the get-go). Honeybook gives you a lot of options for customizing the appearance of what you send to your clients, to keep it looking on-brand, while also keeping your admin side looking really clean and beautiful…. b-b-b-bonussssss! (Did I mention the admin view of 17hats looked like crap? Because…. it did).

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2) Pipeline
Hello Pipeline my old friend, I’ve come to look at you againnnn. If you’re like me, and the thought of seeing information summarized in a glance gives you hot steamy feelings, you’re going to love this. On the projects page of your Honeybook dashboard, you can view a quick summary of your projects and see how many are in each stage of production (you can also customize some of these stages, to make it reflect your brand’s workflow).

honeybook pipeline.png

3) Automatic Payments
Ok now this one is exciting – in your invoices in Honeybook, you can set up automatic payments for your client to opt for. So basically, you set the payment due dates, and Honeybook will automatically bill them on the designated dates. NO MORE WAITING FOR YOUR DOLLA DOLLA BILLS. Also, saves you that super awkward “hey, where’s my money?” client email.

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4) The App
AN APP THAT WORKS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! As most people who use 17hats will tell you, the app is freaking useless. Like, don’t even bother downloading it, you’ll be using the website through safari on your phone if you need to get anything done, or dragging around your laptop. Well, get ready to flex those thumbs, friends – Honeybook has got you covered in the app department! Finally, a solid, useful app that actually lets you get shit done from your phone. Rejoice!

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5) Customer Service
Ok ya’ll, THIS IS MY FAVORITE FEATURE OF HONEYBOOK. Chat support, with answers in an instant. Seriously, what dreams are made of. My millenial instant-gratification-loving-ass was so dang happy. Prevent mental breakdowns with the click of a button and the help of a virtual Honeybook hunny who will hook you up with the technical (and emotional) support that you need.

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Not going to lie, narrowing our top 5 favorite Honeybook features down was HARD. So, here’s a few runner ups and honorable mentions…..

  • Customizable Brochures (for easily sending over your ever-changing services / prices)

  • Easy to use Quotes (with auto-generated contracts/invoices)

  • Quickbooks Integration

  • Google Cal Integration

  • The use of imagery within projects (aka, you can add custom photos to your client’s project, which we have had a lot of fun with!)

So now the fun part – we’ve got a referral link for you to sign up for a free trial of Honeybook, and at the end if you opt to join, you’ll get 50% off your Honeybook Subscription! (Say whaaaaaaat?!)

If you have any questions during your trial about how Honeybook rocks our world, be sure to comment on our Instagram and let us know, and we’d be happy to answer!! Tell us how Honeybook is changing your workflow and making you efficient AF!

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