Binge-Watching for Badass Babes

Hey ya’ll. It’s been a heck of a month, and I don’t know about you, but I really just want to sit on my butt and chill (for like a year – but I’ll settle for a weekend) like the badass biatch I am. And what goes hand in hand with sitting on your butt and chilling…?? BINGE-WATCHING some kickass shows. Ideally with the windows open and a nice spring breeze, in your sweatpants, with Chinese take-out. This is my love language.

So, if you happen to be of the same belief, then we’ve got a roundup just for you of our current favorite Binge-watching delights, along with some crowd-sourced favorites from our Instagram followers!

Have you watched this yet? Because if not, I demand that you stop reading right now and head directly to your couch throne. You NEED to sit down and appreciate the majesty that is Aidy Bryant. This show is 6 episodes of straight up goosebumps down my neck, and it is PROOF that quality comedic content can exist, with a fat main character, without fat-phobia being the punchline (hi, Amy Shumer, I’m looking at you…. que side eye). Also, the soundtrack is bomb.


In case you didn’t figure out after our last blog post that we love Schitt’s Creek, we’re back to remind you to JUST WATCH IT. Ew, David! Schitt’s Creek is not only brilliantly dry and funny, it also beautifully intertwines sexual identity representation without turning it into a spectacle. Let’s not forget Noah Reid’s A+ rendition of the queen WH’s ‘Simply the Best’. Prepare yourself for ultimate eyebrow envy, and turn on Schitt’s Creek, pronto!

schitt's creek.jpg

3.) THE OA
Time to get dark. After waiting basically a lifetime, the 2nd season of the OA is out, and we are hereeee for it. This show is really weird weird (like my soul), so it’s definitely one to sit down and actually pay attention to in order to appreciate it! I’ve been doing the movements, awkward hissing and all, trying to get myself to a dimension where we all eat waffles for dinner every night, and it hasn’t worked yet, but maybe I just need ya’ll to watch it and do it with me, and we can all have waffles. Ya dig?

the oa.jpg

This one is a given. Like, I actually feel that I shouldn’t even be adding it to the list, just because if you haven’t watched it, you should probably be banished to another planet. Elizabeth Moss completely slays every second of this show, which will make you feel like your brain is about to explode, while simultaneously feeling terrifyingly relatable in our given political climate. We are waiting on the edge of our seat for the next season to drop!

handmaids tale.jpeg

This is another “duh” addition to the list. With the final season right around the corner, now is the ideal time to get caught up on the drama, violence, sex, dragon temper tantrums, Jon snow booty, and incest that you know is wrong but also somehow are willing to overlook. This show is full of badass women that will make you want to bend the knee.

game of thrones.png

Like the modern Breaking Bad, but starring Michael from Arrested Development. (Which, now that I think about it, is ironic because Breaking Bad starred the dad from Malcolm in the Middle….. who knew lighthearted comedic sitcom dads were the ultimate badasses?!). This is another clench-your-jaw kind of show that you will have no problem watching all dang day.


Admittedly, this one took me a few episodes to get into, but once you’re in, you’re in. I don’t particularly like the “wild west,” and I actually don’t even like Evan Rachel Wood (and it may or may not be because in Across the Universe Jim Sturgess was in love with her and I felt very threatened by that – come at me) but I really enjoyed this show. What I DO like is badass women and unexpected plot twists, which West World delivers.

west world.jpg

This one hits close to home for me, so it holds a special place in my heart. It’s the perfect mix of light-hearted comedy, and omg-I’m-gonna-ugly-cry feels. If you have special needs friend or family member, this one will especially resonate with you!


9.) VEEP
Julia Louis-Dreyfus is next level hysterical in this political, adult-humored comedy. You can probably sit down and watch 10 episodes in a row, and still want to watch more. This is a quick-witted treasure of a show, and the final season just started – so quick, go catch up!! (Also, if you like Buster from Arrested Development, you’re in for a treat).


An oldy but a goody – we just couldn’t leave this kind of classic content out of the top 10! Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, Lil’ Sebastian ….. true legends. I’m not even going to bother giving you my thoughts, because this is just a staple and you need to watch it.

parks and rec.jpg

Seen all of our top picks? Check out these options submitted by some of our awesome Instagram followers!

  • 30 Rock

  • The Act

  • Arrested Development

  • Better Things

  • Blue Planet

  • Bobs Burgers

  • The Bold Type

  • Broad City

  • Brooklyn 99

  • Breaking Bad

  • Crashing

  • Good Girls

  • The Good Place

  • Jane the Virgin

  • New Girl

  • Nurse Jackie

  • The Office

  • This is Us

  • Queer Eye

  • Santa Clarita Diet

  • Stranger Things

  • Supernatural

  • Superstore

  • Parenthood

  • Umbrella Academy


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