The Value in Delegating


 Featuring Annie Bukhman

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If there's one thing all small business owners have in common, it's that we know how to wear lots of hats. So. Many. Hats. It seems like there's a never ending list of behind the scenes business tasks to complete -- from bookkeeping, to managing your website, to contracts, to advertising...... It never ends. The hats just seem to keep piling up. AMIRIGHT?!

The  Madeline Clutch  by Annie Bukhman

The Madeline Clutch by Annie Bukhman

Somehow, we manage to find the time to get all of these things done -- but what happens, is we spread ourselves so thin trying to accomplish every little task, that there's little energy even left to light that fire that made us want to start our business in the first place, let alone do each specific task the justice your business deserves.

But, as your business matures and you start to become more and more established as the kick ass boss lady that you are, you get to slowly start taking hats off and putting them on other trusted folks around you. Sounds relieving, right?! Well, yes and no. When you're used to being in control and doing things a certain way, it can be hard to trust someone to rock that hat the way you did. But, when you do..... hot damnnnnn. What a weight off your shoulders (or, head)!

One of our amazing clients, Annie Bukhman, is a true testament to this entrepreneurial dilemma. She not only designs and manufactures STUNNING leather accessories (all in Brooklyn!), but she also spearheads every aspect of her business -- well, until we crossed her path that is, and took one big, time consuming hat off her beautiful head! 

The  Alyssa Purse  by Annie Bukhman

The Alyssa Purse by Annie Bukhman

Annie started working with us about a year ago -- at the time, she herself was shooting essentially every single product image, look book, and social media photo for her business.... ON TOP OF DOING EVERYTHING ELSE. With many variations of her products, in tons of (beautifulllll) colors.... that time adds up FAST. Planning, styling, shooting, editing.... SHEEEESH! Lucky for us, the stars aligned and we found each other, and ever since then we've been helping Annie to regain some of her precious time back that used to get sucked up in the daunting task of making her photos match the quality of her beautiful leather goods.

Now, when Annie needs photos, she shoots us a quick email, sends a package our way, and lets us work our magic -- giving her the time to focus on doing what she loves, making gorgeous products. We then send her back a gallery of images to choose from, and she picks her favorites to download. VOILA! Fresh new content.


But hey, don't take it from us -- here's Annie's words about the value of letting go of the reigns and trusting us to make her brand shine.......




She's just the sweetest *insert awkward ugly cry*. But really, she is right -- your imagery will directly impact your sales. No pressure or anything..... *gulp*. If your images are sub par, your audience will assume your product is sub par, and they'll move along to your competitor..... AND WE KNOW THAT AIN'T TRUE, BOOBOO.

So, the moral of the story is, invest in people who will take a hat or two off your head, help your business grow, and let you get back to being the magical land mermaid that you are. Find service-providers who pride themselves in making your life easier, and who GET YOU. Your investment will more than pay itself off, and you'll get to preserve your time (and sanity), while simultaneously growing your business/increasing sales!

Want to see if your hat fits on our head (like a true Cinderella moment)?! Check out our Brand Imagery page, and fill out the info request form so we can send you some info about what we offer and how we can help you level-up your imagery and regain your sanity!

The  Leah Shoulder Purse  by Annie Bukhman

The Leah Shoulder Purse by Annie Bukhman