because you're a badass boss.

photo by The Hursts

photo by The Hursts

Mentor Sessions

with Michele // let your freak flag fly, baby!

Mentor sessions are the perfect opportunity to boost your confidence, learn something new, and have a safe space to share and grow without fear of judgement, and without the social anxiety of going to a workshop or retreat!

Whether you're new to the photography industry, or are just ready to take some steps to elevate your brand, mentoring can be incredibly beneficial in helping you find your power!

Here's a few examples of popular questions Michele is familiar with mentoring on.....

  • How do I make my brand feel authentically ME?!

  • How can I use Instagram to grow my business?

  • How do I focus my business on a niche market? (like WOMEN!)

  • How do I price my services/products to be profitable?

  • How can I simplify my booking process? (17hats 101, anyone?!)

  • How do I run a photography business when I struggle from anxiety?

  • How do I make my subject comfortable being natural and vulnerable

Virtual Coffee Date

1 hour Video Conference
stay in your pjs, sip on your favorite beverage, and ask whatever you want!
Nothing's off limits!


Radical Mentor Session

up to 6 hour, in-person mentor session
come hang in our studio in philly, at michele's home in richboro, or we can explore outdoors! we'll order some food, go over all of your questions, Maybe make a lip-sync video (if you're into that life), and we'll do a live shoot tailored to whatever you want to work on!


Not a photographer, but need a shoulder to lean on?! Michele also mentors other boss babes who need someone to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm with, or someone to give them a little kick in the butt! Send her an email at to see if it's a good fit!