Weddings + Engagements

We take a free-spirited, laid back approach to wedding photography. We steer clear of the cheesy traditional wedding stuff, and take photos of you two actually looking like you’re in love (WOAH! It’s crazy, right?!). We like to keep your day fun, keep your formalities quick and efficient, and focus on those in-between moments, that will give you little butterflies in your belly when you look back at your wedding gallery and remember how special your day was. We firmly believe that no moment we could force would ever be as special or meaningful as just letting your day unfold naturally, so we stay as hands-off as possible, and strive to tell an authentic story of your love that will make you feel all the feels every time you look back at your photos! Feels City; population: you..... (and probably us too because we are sappy AF).

We only take on a small selection of weddings each year, so if you're interested in having a couple of dorks with cameras at your wedding to follow you around, tell you you're ridiculously beautiful, and maybe hit ya with a few Napoleon Dynamite quotes as needed...... get in touch asap!


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